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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stockpiling Moms giveaway and a welcome to Willow House

Happy Sunday.

If you are visiting from the Stockpiling Moms site, WELCOME!!  I'm so glad you have dropped by to check out my site.  I've been reading the comments and am excited to see so many of you say you've never heard of Willow House.  Let me take a moment to introduce myself and my company.

My name is Cheryl Hinton and I am very excited to share my business, Willow House with you.

I became a consultant with Southern Living at Home in January of 2008. To be honest, I started because I wanted to fill my home with the beautiful items I saw in the catalog while attending my friends party. My husband supported my idea, in fact encouraged me, and I called the Consultant from the party and asked her how to sign up. For the next two years, I had a few parties a month and used all of my 25% commission to purchase items for our home or to give as gifts. I didn’t work very hard and didn’t want anything more from the business. The best part about being a consultant for SLAH was they didn’t pressure me to sell a certain volume each month, or carry an inventory.

Last July it was announced that one of the former founders of SLAH had purchased the company and planned to join his new company, Entertaining at Home, with ours. Everyone was nervous to see what would happen to the company we loved. July 16, 2010 we learned the new vision of the company and on August 1st, 2010--Willow House was born.

I could not be more excited by the products and the vision for the future of our new company. The products are still the same high quality we have come to expect and the business side of things are exploding with possibilities. I am on fire for the new company and very honored to share it with you today. The company is taking Direct Sales into the 23rd century. For a very reasonable investment of $99-$199 you can own your own Willow House business.

1. This fall Willow House Design Consultants will be able to own our business, not just be a rep for someone else. That means I can sell my business or pass it down to my family. That is HUGE.

2. We will be expanding our business across the country via enhanced On-Line ordering. No longer will customers have to be attached to a “Party”. If someone wants to order, anywhere in the country, they can log onto my website and place their order using a credit or debit card. It will be shipped directly to their home.

3. Soon we will unveil our new E-Boutiques. These will be On-line Stores that will feature TOP Name companies that have partnered with us to sell their products to our customers. Best of all, I will receive commission off these sales in addition to our regular products.

4. Next year, our plan is to be able to sell and ship globally. That will increase my business and commission to a whole new level. I already earn 25% commission. Imagine how much that could be selling to the world!

There are other plans for the company and I am excited to see where they will take us. Our main focus is still bringing beautiful products into the homes of customers all over the United States. As Design Consultants we have the pleasure of helping others learn about Decorating style, trends, and how to use what you all ready own to change the look and feel of your home. We will keep you up to date on Style and Trends as they change, through our Free Newsletter sent monthly to our customers.

I’d love to have you join my team. If you would like more information on becoming a Willow House Design Consultant contact me via email at, or through my website (no www). You can also see and order our fantastic products through our on line catalog, also located on my website.

If you are interested in holding your own Design Party or having an On-line party, contact me. I am also interested in partnering with other bloggers to share Willow House with your readers. Contact me for more information.

I also would love to sign you up for our Free Monthly newsletter. You can get signed up by emailing me at or by leaving me a comment here asking to be added to my list.

Good Luck on the ALL YOU giveaway and Welcome to Willow House.  If you would like a subscription, we offer the 18 issues for $20.  Contact me to order.  If you end up winning the Free Subscription, I will cancel your payment prior to submitting it to All YOU.

From my house to yours!


  1. Awesome post Cheryl and thanks for hosting a giveaway for Stockpiling Moms!

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  4. Thank you for introducing me to Willow House

  5. Thanks for hosting the giveaway on Stockpiling Moms.

  6. Thanks for the chance to win! I currently subscribe to your magazine and love it! I plan on renewing either way :)


  7. I'm visiting from Stockpilingmoms!!!

  8. What beautiful collection of products in the Fall Catalog. Really like the Lady Jane bottleneck vases. Referred by Stockpilingmoms! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

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