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Monday, September 27, 2010

Order anyone?

I can't believe the End of September is in a few days. Worse is that means the holidays are right around the corner. Why not get a jump on things and save yourself some stress.

I will be placing an order Tuesday night (EST). Contact me if you'd like to add anything. The SPECIAL offer of 26 issues of Southern Living magazine for only $20 ends September 30th. We also have the BEST pricing on a popular magazine that ALL of YOU have probably heard of or seen in Walmart. Due to Corporate rules I can not advertise it but you can email me for ALL the details.

Don't forget that when you order $39.96 worth of items you can order anothe product of equal or lesser Value for 50% off.

Did you see my post about the Magazine gift card? $20 and it can be used on 17 different titles. Check it out and then contact me to order. Order several and keep them on hand for any last minute gift needs. So handy and a gift that will not be ReGifted! Plus every card ordered receives a cool tote for FREE. That's another item you could give as a gift.


Email me ASAP at and let's get shopping.

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