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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prop Closet Giveaway details

Prop Closet Tuesday Giveaway!

We love the Morningside Nesting Planters — don't they create a great feeling of welcome on this porch? They make good organizers, too, since they can hang on a wall or sit on a table — and the designs on top are removable and can be displayed on the bottom instead. Cool! Go to the Plate and Pattern Blog. Leave us a comment at and let us know how you'd use this set for your chance to win a pair of your own!To see if you've won, check back there tomorrow. Remember to share the love and let your friends know about the giveaway! We'll give you all a new chance to win every week. And if you're not contest sort, you can always order this set from me at

Plate and Pattern give away day

If you haven't been checking out the Plate and Pattern blog at least several times a week, why the world not?  They have fabulous design tips, behind the scene looks at Willow House and their Give away EVERY Tuesday.  You really must check out the Prop Closet and see what they have in store for you today.

Make sure if you win, you let me know!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

If it's Monday, it's time for the Weekly Specials

Don't forget to go my website and check out the Weekly deals for this week.  They are always fabulous and you don't want to miss them.  Order on my website and they will ship directly to your home!  Make sure you use my name as the Host/consultant.

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Last day to sign up for newsletter for next month

If you want to be in the know on whats happening in Willow House, make sure you are signed up for my newsletter.  Go to my website  and sign up or contact me at with your name and email.

There is alot of new stuff coming so don't miss out!!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jerry Vitali is coming to Florida

If you are local and would like to hear about Willow House from one of the most interesting people in our business, you must attend the meeting being held in Auburdale on Wednesday night.  You will hear behind the scene information from someone that is at the top of our company.  There will be product give a-ways and a night of fun.

Contact me for details.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Partnership with BergHoff

Wahoo. Willow House just went live with our Partnership with BergHoff. Check this out. You can Order through my website.

It's Prop Closet Tuesday

I love Tuesdays!!!!  

Have you been checking out all the great ideas and information on the Plate and Pattern blog? Did you know that every Tuesday they give away a fabulous product. I always want what they offer and I'm sure you will too.

Go to their blog and follow the instructions to have a chance to win!!

Leave a comment here if you register to win and I will put you in a drawing for a "Second Chance" prize.

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