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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day for $99 Starter Kit for Willow House

At Willow House, we embody grace, warmth, and a bit of magic.

Shopping carts, online ordering, E-commerce, E-outlet and E-Boutiques!

Come join our amazing new company now!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that today is the last day to take advantage of our $99 mini-starter kit, if you or a friend would like to join!


Here’s some info for you:


• Today is the last day for the $99 mini-starter kit.  That’s definitely the most budget-friendly way to start.  The $99 kit has about half of the product and business supplies as the $199 kit, so you can choose which works best for you.  I’m attaching the fliers for both kits.• If you sign up and never do a party, that’s 100% up to you.  But if you sign up and decide to do a couple of parties, not only will you earn back the cost of your starter kit, you can earn free product via our Success Start program for new consultants.  It’s totally up to you.• There is never a minimum and your consultant agreement isn’t cancelled if you don’t sell any/enough.  Our yearly renewal is $35.• We have a 40% discount.• The best way to get a lot of product for yourself is to become a consultant and host your own party; you get the 25% commission (as the consultant) and the hostess benefits (as the hostess).

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be rolling out the next phase of Willow House — our new online Catalog and Outlet! I invite you to take time to watch a special video message from CEO Bill Shaw. Bill will detail the vision behind Willow House, the “why” and “when” of the important phases and where we are headed in the future:

Email Me for more detail. Why not try us on for Size? You have Nothing to loose and Everything to gain.

From my house to yours,

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