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Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming October 1st, a New way to shop

While at our Willow House convention in July a lot of new and exciting things were announced. One of my favorites is about to begin,

ON LINE Ordering.

Why so exciting you ask?

What that means is that starting October 1st, Anyone, anywhere in the USA can go to my Willow House website and place an order.

No need for a party.

No having to contact me to make payment.

No waiting for delivery.

Need a gift and want to order a Magazine gift card? You are on the West Coast and its the middle if the night for me? NO problem. Go on my website. Place the order. Use a Credit or debit card to pay. That's it. The order will be on its way to you from our warehouse.

This is going to be GREAT.

Having a party with me and Aunt Sally in another state wants to order? Great. Have her go on your "On line Party",
Place her order-Pay- and her order will be shipped directly to her. She doesn't even have to wait until the party closes.

This is going to make our on line Blogger parties that much easier.

If you would like more information on setting up an On line Party or Fundraiser, let me know.

Check out my website at

From my house Directly to yours,

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