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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day for $99 Starter Kit for Willow House

At Willow House, we embody grace, warmth, and a bit of magic.

Shopping carts, online ordering, E-commerce, E-outlet and E-Boutiques!

Come join our amazing new company now!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that today is the last day to take advantage of our $99 mini-starter kit, if you or a friend would like to join!


Here’s some info for you:


• Today is the last day for the $99 mini-starter kit.  That’s definitely the most budget-friendly way to start.  The $99 kit has about half of the product and business supplies as the $199 kit, so you can choose which works best for you.  I’m attaching the fliers for both kits.• If you sign up and never do a party, that’s 100% up to you.  But if you sign up and decide to do a couple of parties, not only will you earn back the cost of your starter kit, you can earn free product via our Success Start program for new consultants.  It’s totally up to you.• There is never a minimum and your consultant agreement isn’t cancelled if you don’t sell any/enough.  Our yearly renewal is $35.• We have a 40% discount.• The best way to get a lot of product for yourself is to become a consultant and host your own party; you get the 25% commission (as the consultant) and the hostess benefits (as the hostess).

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be rolling out the next phase of Willow House — our new online Catalog and Outlet! I invite you to take time to watch a special video message from CEO Bill Shaw. Bill will detail the vision behind Willow House, the “why” and “when” of the important phases and where we are headed in the future:

Email Me for more detail. Why not try us on for Size? You have Nothing to loose and Everything to gain.

From my house to yours,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Willow House begins New on line ordering including Discontinued items

Starting October 1st, Willow House will premier ON LINE ordering. Log into my website and go to Order, then type my name as Hostess. Enter your order and then go through payment process. Your order will ship immediately to address you've entered. The company will also start allowing you to order Liquidation and Discontinued items the same way. SWEET.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Order anyone?

I can't believe the End of September is in a few days. Worse is that means the holidays are right around the corner. Why not get a jump on things and save yourself some stress.

I will be placing an order Tuesday night (EST). Contact me if you'd like to add anything. The SPECIAL offer of 26 issues of Southern Living magazine for only $20 ends September 30th. We also have the BEST pricing on a popular magazine that ALL of YOU have probably heard of or seen in Walmart. Due to Corporate rules I can not advertise it but you can email me for ALL the details.

Don't forget that when you order $39.96 worth of items you can order anothe product of equal or lesser Value for 50% off.

Did you see my post about the Magazine gift card? $20 and it can be used on 17 different titles. Check it out and then contact me to order. Order several and keep them on hand for any last minute gift needs. So handy and a gift that will not be ReGifted! Plus every card ordered receives a cool tote for FREE. That's another item you could give as a gift.


Email me ASAP at and let's get shopping.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming October 1st, a New way to shop

While at our Willow House convention in July a lot of new and exciting things were announced. One of my favorites is about to begin,

ON LINE Ordering.

Why so exciting you ask?

What that means is that starting October 1st, Anyone, anywhere in the USA can go to my Willow House website and place an order.

No need for a party.

No having to contact me to make payment.

No waiting for delivery.

Need a gift and want to order a Magazine gift card? You are on the West Coast and its the middle if the night for me? NO problem. Go on my website. Place the order. Use a Credit or debit card to pay. That's it. The order will be on its way to you from our warehouse.

This is going to be GREAT.

Having a party with me and Aunt Sally in another state wants to order? Great. Have her go on your "On line Party",
Place her order-Pay- and her order will be shipped directly to her. She doesn't even have to wait until the party closes.

This is going to make our on line Blogger parties that much easier.

If you would like more information on setting up an On line Party or Fundraiser, let me know.

Check out my website at

From my house Directly to yours,

Where has YOUR week gone?

My intention is never to go a week without posting. My Willow House blog is supposed to be informative and fun. Partnering Bloggers send people to my site to learn about the company and our beautiful products. I know when I follow a Blog it is upsetting to go to the site and find an old post.

I have let myself but more importantly my new friends Down. For that I am sorry.

My week has been filled with Three doctors appointments and Three meetings. My home computer hasn't even been turned on this week. My plan is to get back on track. Starting with the next post.

How has your week gone? If you have a blog, how often do you post? Do you write everyday?

Share and you could get a little gift from me!

From my house to yours.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Re-Draw for a new Winner

Unfortunately, my WINNER didn't contact me.  She didn't leave her email address and I've been unable to locate an email on her blog.  I appreciate people's privacy but it means I can not contact her.

As a result, we have scientifically drawn again.

And the new Winner is.......................

April, you now have 48 hours to contact me and tell me what you would like to get with your $25 Willow House Gift Certificate.

Check out my on line catalog at and let me know what you would like to get with your $25 gift certificate. You can buy as many beautiful products as you wish and I will deduct $25 from your total. When you order $39.96 worth of products you can select another item (of same or less value) for 50% off.

Thanks to everyone that entered. I will be having other giveaways so keep stopping by and tell your friends. If you didn't win this time and would like to place an order, let me know. Everyone can take advantage of the 50% special described above. We have some great deals on Magazine Gift Cards right now if you would like to start your Holiday shopping.

From My house to yours...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Drum roll..........
the winner of my first ever Willow House $25 Gift Certificate is ..............................

It was a very scientific drawing and I have three witnesses that we did not see the slips of paper until one  was drawn.....and the winner was the very FIRST person that left a comment to get in the drawing. 

What are the odds???

CASCIA....congrats!!  Please contact me within 48 hours or I will re-draw.

Check out my on line catalog at and let me know what you would like to get with your $25 gift certificate.  You can buy as many beautiful products as you wish and I will deduct $25 from your total.  When you order $39.96 worth of products you can select another item (of same or less value) for 50% off.

Thanks to everyone that entered.  I will be having other giveaways so keep stopping by and tell your friends.  If you didn't win this time and would like to place an order, let me know.  Everyone can take advantage of the 50% special described above.  We have some great deals on Magazine Gift Cards right now if you would like to start your Holiday shopping.

From My house to yours...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giveaways ending soon, what now??

My first giveaways are ending soon.  What would you like to see next?  A product review?  Another giveaway??  Leave a comment here and let me know. 

Go sign up for the Gift Certificate before it ends.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stockpiling Moms giveaway and a welcome to Willow House

Happy Sunday.

If you are visiting from the Stockpiling Moms site, WELCOME!!  I'm so glad you have dropped by to check out my site.  I've been reading the comments and am excited to see so many of you say you've never heard of Willow House.  Let me take a moment to introduce myself and my company.

My name is Cheryl Hinton and I am very excited to share my business, Willow House with you.

I became a consultant with Southern Living at Home in January of 2008. To be honest, I started because I wanted to fill my home with the beautiful items I saw in the catalog while attending my friends party. My husband supported my idea, in fact encouraged me, and I called the Consultant from the party and asked her how to sign up. For the next two years, I had a few parties a month and used all of my 25% commission to purchase items for our home or to give as gifts. I didn’t work very hard and didn’t want anything more from the business. The best part about being a consultant for SLAH was they didn’t pressure me to sell a certain volume each month, or carry an inventory.

Last July it was announced that one of the former founders of SLAH had purchased the company and planned to join his new company, Entertaining at Home, with ours. Everyone was nervous to see what would happen to the company we loved. July 16, 2010 we learned the new vision of the company and on August 1st, 2010--Willow House was born.

I could not be more excited by the products and the vision for the future of our new company. The products are still the same high quality we have come to expect and the business side of things are exploding with possibilities. I am on fire for the new company and very honored to share it with you today. The company is taking Direct Sales into the 23rd century. For a very reasonable investment of $99-$199 you can own your own Willow House business.

1. This fall Willow House Design Consultants will be able to own our business, not just be a rep for someone else. That means I can sell my business or pass it down to my family. That is HUGE.

2. We will be expanding our business across the country via enhanced On-Line ordering. No longer will customers have to be attached to a “Party”. If someone wants to order, anywhere in the country, they can log onto my website and place their order using a credit or debit card. It will be shipped directly to their home.

3. Soon we will unveil our new E-Boutiques. These will be On-line Stores that will feature TOP Name companies that have partnered with us to sell their products to our customers. Best of all, I will receive commission off these sales in addition to our regular products.

4. Next year, our plan is to be able to sell and ship globally. That will increase my business and commission to a whole new level. I already earn 25% commission. Imagine how much that could be selling to the world!

There are other plans for the company and I am excited to see where they will take us. Our main focus is still bringing beautiful products into the homes of customers all over the United States. As Design Consultants we have the pleasure of helping others learn about Decorating style, trends, and how to use what you all ready own to change the look and feel of your home. We will keep you up to date on Style and Trends as they change, through our Free Newsletter sent monthly to our customers.

I’d love to have you join my team. If you would like more information on becoming a Willow House Design Consultant contact me via email at, or through my website (no www). You can also see and order our fantastic products through our on line catalog, also located on my website.

If you are interested in holding your own Design Party or having an On-line party, contact me. I am also interested in partnering with other bloggers to share Willow House with your readers. Contact me for more information.

I also would love to sign you up for our Free Monthly newsletter. You can get signed up by emailing me at or by leaving me a comment here asking to be added to my list.

Good Luck on the ALL YOU giveaway and Welcome to Willow House.  If you would like a subscription, we offer the 18 issues for $20.  Contact me to order.  If you end up winning the Free Subscription, I will cancel your payment prior to submitting it to All YOU.

From my house to yours!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend plans?

After a short week that seemed like it took forever, it's the weekend.

What are your plans? 

It's a special weekend with the Remembrance of 9/11.  In the morning I'm helping Habitat for Humanity.  Tomorrow night I plan to go to the 9/11 celebration at our local park.

Sunday is Grandparents Day.  I don't have any Grandparents left but my children do.  Will you call yours? 

Check out our Plate and Pattern blog (on my sidebar) for a story about one of their Grandmothers.

Have a wonderful weekend.

From my house to yours.

PS. ..Don't forget to enter my Mystery Hostess club or the $25 Willow House gift certificate.  Time is running out.

See what 70% and 50% can buy

Click on the link below and see some fabulous specials you can receive as a Hostess or a customer.  I've highlighted several items and shared the cost with your 50-70% savings.

My Willow House Specials

We are also highlighting those Magazine specials I shared in a previous post.  17 great magazines for only $20 each.  Our magazine Gift cards make a great gift.  You can purchase as many of the cards as you wish.  Finish your holiday shopping with ONE order.

Contact me today for details.

From my house to yours.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where will you be next June?

I will be on a 5 day cruise thanks to Willow House. 


They have a yearly incentive where you can earn a free trip.  Depending on your level of sales, you can take your family for a discounted rate or even FREE.

I plan on being on the Cruise next June.

Want to come with me?

Join my team this month for as little as $99 and you will have plenty of time to qualify.  I will help you make a plan and with the Support and training Willow House offers, you are sure to need a bathing suit in no time!

Click below
Start Your Willow House Business

What do you make at your job?  I make approximately $50 per hour while at a party. 

Stay at home mom? 

Need extra cash for the Holidays?

Did your Dryer just die? 

Need money for Private School?

How many credit cards do you need to pay off??

Maybe you just need some "Adult" time.

For a few hours a week, you can earn money for any reason.  Maybe you will just save it for your Cruise Fun!!!

Contact me for details or refer a friend that may be interested.  If you refer someone that becomes a qualified Design consultant, I will give you a $50 shopping spree.

From my house to yours.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My favorite product

Thought I'd share one of my favorite products;

The Savannah Beverage Server.  This beauty makes any get together Special.  I went to a meeting once where they served Water with Cucumber Slices in the Server.  It was the best refreshment I'd ever had.  Was it the Water or the Display?

Contact me to learn how you can earn this for free.

From my house to yours!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Willow House Mystery Hostess Blog event

****NOTE This has been bumped back to top to re-start offer.  Since Double Hostess was extended through September, I am going to have a September Mystery Hostess Blog event.  Join NOW.  Anyone in the USA can take part.*****

Too Busy to Host a Party?

There is still a way for you to reap the FABULOUS Hostess Rewards!

Limited to the first 10 people! First Come, first serve!!

I'm inviting you to participate in my NEW Willow House Mystery Hostess Club Kick OFF Party!

Here are the details.... This party is limited to the first 10 people that comment here or email me at

Must mention you want to join the BLOG Mystery Hostess Club

To participate, you must collect, or purchase a minimum

of $50 in orders - IT'S THAT EASY!

*Order any item $39.96+ and choose any $39.96 item at 50% OFF!!

All orders due by Monday, September 27th.  You must provide payment information at that time as well as your "Wish List" of products in the event you are selected as "Hostess".

Go to my website

 to shop the NEW Catalog! "Our Products"

*All 10 participants will be entered into a drawing to

win the hostess rewards.

Order $50+ in products - 1 entry

Order $75+ - 2 entries

Order $100+ - 3 entries

Order $125+ - 4 entries

And so on

Your odds of winning the rewards increase with your order amount!!

What will YOU win if YOU are one of the "Mystery Hostess" Winners???

3 winners get $50 EACH in FREE PRODUCTS of their choice

1 winner - any item of her choice 70% OFF

2 winners - 2 items at 50% OFF!!!

FREE shipping & handling on orders and hostess items!


(Rewards are based on a $500 party order, if 10 people do not participate, rewards may be lower, if 10 people collect more than $500, rewards will be higher!)

Taxes apply to rewards

No part of your $50 purchase to participate can be applied to hostess rewards if you are the winner!

All participants will be notified as to who the winner is on Wednesday, September 29th!!!


Only 10 participants...your odds of winning are HIGH!!!

Book a September or October party and receive a  FREE GIFT ($50 value)!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Have a hard to buy for person?

I have the answer. 

During September 2010 only order Southern Living Magazine  
26 issues — 2 years ! •41484 $20.00
26-Issue Cover Price: $119.76    SAVE 83% off the Cover Price ! 

Southern Living showcases the South’s warm inviting homes, great recipes you can count on, and inspiring garden tips to beautify your home.


MAGAZINE GIFT CARD: The Gift of Choice !

CHOOSE FROM 17 TITLES •41485 $20.00

For September, October, and November, your gift recipient can choose from 17 magazine titles!

Plus, all Willow House gift card recipients receive

a FREE cooler tote bag.


Coastal Living

Entertainment Weekly


Food & Wine


GOLF Magazine



People StyleWatch

Real Simple with Family Issue

Southern Living

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated KIDS


This Old House


Travel + Leisure

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Like FREE stuff????

Let's talk about what you can get Free as a Hostess.

You can choose one of these for FREE, one for 70% off and the other two for 50% with your September Party.

Contact me to book your date.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Founder does it again...HUGE Announcement!!!


I just got an email from corporate that knocked my socks off. 


Are you sitting down??

Just announced, DOUBLE HOSTESS MONTH extended through September.

If you are kicking yourself for missing out in August, here's your second chance. Pick your date and contact me ASAP.

I hope you are still sitting down because.....I will make it an even sweeter deal.

Have the first $1000 party of my Willow House business and I will Pay your cost for One of your 50% off items (up to $75).

What are you waiting for??  Even if you are not local, the same deal applies.  Have a BLOG party, a Catalog Party, Gather your friends orders together, Have a fund-raising event.....$1000 and the deal is yours!!!

Lets figure this out:

$1000 party=

Regularly $200 in free $400 for DOUBLE Hostess
4 items at 50% off   ( I will pay your cost, up to $75 for one item)
1 item at 70% off

What would you pick with approximately  $800+ in free products????

From my house to yours!

PS....Ask how your $1000 party could turn into your own WILLOW HOUSE business.

End of the Month craziness

Sorry I've been off grid since Sunday. 

Tuesday was the end of the month and it was a crazy ride.  I had several Partnering Bloggers Give Aways ending and several others getting set up.  My party from the 21st needed to close out and select all her great products she earned for FREE, 70% & 50% many choices.

I stayed up Tuesday night making sure all my new followers were entered into my Willow House newsletter date base.  Please let me know if you didn't get a copy because it has fabulous tips and information you don't want to miss.

Last night I listened in on another great Willow House call and got inspiration to help grow my business.

Tonight I'm doing some home/family business.  One more day of my "Day" job and then a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Do you have any plans???

Make sure you read my next post for a HUGE announcement.

From my house to yours!