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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Vendor events

Sooooooooo sorry about the lack of posts this week.  I've been super busy reorganizing my Scrapbooking/Craft/Office and then getting ready for a big weekend.  I had a GOLD BUYING party on Thursday night and then a vendor event Friday night at a local elementary school. 

Shout out to Denham Elementary in Wesley Chapel.  I am a proud new member of their PTA as a Business partner.  Met alot of nice ladies and a few men, sold a few things and introduced Willow House to a whole new group.  LOVE to share Willow House with new people.

Today I was up and out at the crack of dawn to set up for a HUGE event in Wesley Chapel at the Bridgewater Community Park.  My hat is off to Lynne who organized the entire event.  She had a ton of great stuff for the kids and a nice gathering of business vendors.  The weather was perfect. Sunny with a bit of a breeze.  Set up under my tent and enjoyed the shade!  There was a great crowd.  They all loved Willow House and I sold a fair amount off my table.  LOVE the fact that I can use our ON LINE ordering and quickly replace anything I sell.  (Good thing since my DH is sad that I sold the Birdhouse Trio to a lady that HAD to have them for a Housewarming Gift this week!)

I'm now sitting on my couch, in my PJ's "Listening" to the LSU/Alburn football game and surfing the internet.  Just chilling after a busy week and a successful three days.  I've got a TON of new contacts to enter into my data base but will leave that for tomorrow. 

Hope you've had a great week.  Have you done anything interesting?  Done any decorating?  Share.

From my house to yours.

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